SmartCOMP™ for Government

Project Management

  • Project Administration
  • Job Estimates
  • Contractor Schedules and Availability
  • Contractor Assignment
  • Change Order Management
  • Automated Contract Compliance Audits
  • Audit Alerts
  • Estimated vs. Actual Comparison Modules
  • Diversity Goal Analytics
  • Job Site Image Uploads

Workforce Management

  • Certified Payroll
  • State/Federal Wage Compliance
  • Employee Data Management and Reporting
  • Work Hour Tracking
  • Prevailing Wages and Wage Decisions Validation
  • Workforce Compliance Goal Setting and Reporting
  • Affirmative Action Plan Management
  • Deliver State/Federal Reporting Requirements

TGB Management and Reporting

  • Vendor Online Registration
  • Self-Managed Profile Access
  • Performance Tracking
  • Contract Awards/Assignments
  • Contract Close-outs with Verification Letter
  • Performance Ratings
  • TGB Compliance Goal Settings and Reporting
  • Payment Verification


  • Online Certification Application
  • Customize the Application with Configurable Questions and Document Uploading
  • Application Tracking and Status Alerts
  • Automated Certificate Generation
  • Publish Certification to Online Directory

Communication Tools

  • Event Management
  • Attendee Registration & Payment Processing
  • Reminder Alerts
  • Internal system messaging
  • Text Messaging
  • Content creation tools
Customized Reporting

Real-time data reporting with powerful query tools to search, display, and export your data. Detailed audit and certification reports across applications to monitor projects, contracts, and contractors. The application Dashboard page is configurable to user preference.


SmartCOMP™ is designed with highly configurable sets of modules that will improve data accuracy by eliminating duplicate efforts and easily maintain records to demonstrate full control of your projects. Each module can be customized to fit your business requirements and can easily adapt to any changing business needs in the future.


Multiple security levels from data center, to network, to servers to applications. Detailed user and transaction audit trails. Password protected account for every user. 2,048-bit SSL encryption.

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