iEDeX™ for Transportation/Logistics

Logistics Network Manager 2.0 (LNM)

UpNet's Logistics Network Manager 2.0 allows a unified view into your global shipping activities providing; real-time access to the right information, for the right party, at the right time. Cloud-based and on-demand, UpNet's Supply Chain Management solution connects logistics providers, shippers, customers, carriers, vendors, and partners through a cost effective integration solution with role-based visibility that allows you to control who has access to what information.

Load Management

LNM simplifies shipment creation, allowing any party to build a load in less time. Information such as address and product details can be pre-loaded to submit orders faster and increase accuracy. Once entered, parties can view details or print a bill of lading.

Shipment Tender

Tender shipments faster than by phone or fax using paperless, electronic tender via EDI, email or over the internet accessed through your web portal. Manage carrier selection through associated route guides, preferred carrier groups, or post to a load board.Online view of 3PL and carrier acceptance.

Shipment Tracking

Order, track and trace information is available to all parties any time day or night. Shipment status can be captured electronically or carriers can manually enter check calls. Complete shipment visibility provides insight to aid in load management and on-time performance.

Invoice & Payment

Every shipment inherently has associated financial costs that need to be easily tracked and settled. Through our freight payment function, a clear audit trail for completing this financial settlement and reporting is created which, in turn, can be utilized by all parties.

Document Retrieval

Even with integrated systems, paper documents will be need to be generated and handled. Document Retrieval facilitates shared centralized management of these documents that can be scanned and uploaded for instantaneous viewing, downloading, and printing by all participating parties.


  • Increased visibility of all Inbound & Outbound shipments
  • Greater operational efficiencies
  • Better customer service
  • Automated business processes
  • Enhanced accuracy and speed of information flow
  • Ability to manage by exceptions
  • Improved on-time performance and supplier ratings
  • Shared access to "single record of truth"
  • Accellerated carrier on-boarding process


  • Role-based visibility – within and among Shipper, Carrier and 3PL
  • Multi-modal capabilities
  • Load management
  • Shipment tender
  • Event management
  • Financial settlement
  • Document retrieval
  • Business Intelligence
  • Exception & alert management
  • Network connectivity
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