iEDeX™ for Retailer


Scan-Based Trading

For supplier/manufacturing companies that are selling to retail companies, UpNet's Scan-Based Trading (SBT) solution allows the seller to meet the retailer's demand of paying for products after they scan through the registers. Through scan sales visibility, SBT provides trading partners with a competitive advantage that guarantees sales results and reduces inventory. As a further value to all parties, this solution provides essential data for analysis and forecasting, allowing sellers to achieve the perfect order; right price, right quantity, right time. This efficient system, with a sophisticated validation function, is built upon the iEDeX™ platform which seamlessly integrates into any existing ERP, PIM, or through any internet browser to track and manage all aspects of your trading partnerships.


  • Enables supplier replenishment program
  • Enables Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Improves visibility of product sales
  • Lowers cost of inventory
  • Increases sales
  • Reduces invoice/order processing costs
  • Supports trading partner collaboration


  • Real-time sharing of POS data
  • Financial settlement
  • Scanned sales visibility
  • Product data synchronization
  • Essential data for analysis and forecasting

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

UpNet's on-demand vendor managed inventory (VMI) solution is designed to enable order to delivery functions in an e-Commerce environment. This direct to consumer fulfillment model fosters a simplified supply chain, expands the sales channel, and opens the opportunity to diversify your product offering while reducing your inventory held. iEDeX™'s SaaS application provides comprehensive tools to manage inventory synchronization, order fulfillment, supply chain visibility, custom branding, and trading partner performance. Our capabilities are delivered directly into your ERP, PIM, or through any internet browser enabling a single record of truth between your internal systems and your customer's systems. Thereby achieving the right price, right quantity, right time, thereby creating the perfect order through effective communication among retailers and suppliers.


  • Reduces inventory handling and warehousing costs
  • Two-way communication providing end-to-end visibility
  • Improves operational efficiency through error-free orders
  • Enables supplier fulfillment program
  • Grows and develops additional sales channels
  • Enables Direct to Consumer delivery (DTC)


  • Provides fulfillment documents such as Pick List, Packing Slip, and Shipping Label
  • Makes available in transit visibility through ASNs
  • Real-time exchange of inventory information
  • Order transfer direct from customer to vendor/supplier
  • Automates order management processes
  • Creates virtual warehousing
  • Financial settlement

Scan-Based Ordering

UpNet's scan-based ordering solution provides a comprehensive order to stock process for merchants, warehouses, and manufacturers. Simplifying the replenishment process, SBO automates product and quantity selection allowing buyers to achieve the perfect order; right price, right quantity, right time. This automation removes the often costly and labor intensive manual order entry activities, increasing efficiency on the shop floor. After data capture, supplier communication and collaboration are strengthened through real-time translation and transfer of orders.


  • Improves order entry time
  • Reduces manual labor
  • Increases data accuracy
  • Removes the costs associated with manual ordering
  • Eliminates inaccuracies and payment discrepancies


  • Barcode scanner integration
  • Automates order entry
  • Translates and transfers order details
  • Sends orders to trading partners
  • Financial settlement
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