Customer Support

UpNet provides a complete integrated solution in both a hosted and non-hosted delivery model.  Support is an available component of the service we offer clients.  To ensure a high-quality experience, we have highly trained professionals that know your people and your business. From the initial on-boarding, to translation, exchange, communications and reporting; our technology connects your disparate systems, and our people ensure that it is meeting your business needs. Our breakthrough technology works better. Our innovative approach delivers better results. There are fewer things to go wrong. The result is better service.

UpNet experienced professionals have the technical and industry expertise to allow you to focus on your business. The following support is available for every customer:

A Human Touch

Every UpNet customer and trading partner is connected directly to an account manager who can solve their issues immediately on the phone. No front-line CSRs to reroute you to online knowledge bases and/or phone queues. UpNet customers can contact their designated account team any time using their direct phone numbers and/or email addresses.

To ensure our staff is always at their personal best, we track a series of metrics on their individual performance including customer uptime, transactional integrity, project implementation and on-boarding time, and more. This guarantees that the account team provides consistent, reliable, and timely resolutions to your problems.


Your business needs are our number one priority and with proactive monitoring we can ensure the solutions are meeting your requirements as they grow and change. Whether you are connecting via EDI to a trading partner network, connecting legacy systems with a new ERP via an enterprise system bus, or building a BI platform; the UpNet team watches, monitors, tracks and guarantees the integrity of every event-based exchange on the network. Our world-class data center ensures that your transactions meet the security, reliability, and back-up requirements of your business. UpNet provides mirror processing, continuous and batch backup, and offsite storage. With an unmatched SLA, we deliver reliability and speed for our hosted services.

Complete Control

UpNet's unique technology provides complete visibility and control over all aspects of your system's connections. From our online tool you can pull status and visibility reports on any variable. You can download any transaction, in any file structure, at any point within the system. Our online tool also provides a transparent and neutral platform for troubleshooting, problem identification, and issue resolution. When the online tools are not enough, your account team is available via phone or email to provide more in depth information.

International Support

In a worldwide market, your systems can never sleep and your partners could be anywhere around the globe. Just like our technology allows your systems to connect without changing their language, UpNet's support team is prepared to provide you the support you need in whatever language you speak and in whatever time zone you do business.