iEDeX™ Platform

Innovative collaborative technology developed to facilitate data integration and data transformation


Data Collaboration

In an ever changing and increasingly complex world, the need for business collaboration is rapidly growing. The iEDeX™ platform can simplify the complexities and enable the data collaboration between multiple systems.

Data is exchanged between systems on-demand allowing each respective system to have access to the vital data. This flexibility allows iEDeX™ to support your changing business rules and processes fostering closer business partner alliances.

Integrated Process/Platform

iEDeX™ is both an integrated process and a platform. More than a mapping tool and going beyond a messaging or communication tool, a universal language is formed based on the business rules, requirements, and standards of each party which allows data to be transformed in real-time while in route to its destination. The unique transformation ability means that typical EDI limitations are removed, giving your data the agility it requires to meet your ever changing business needs.

All data sent from the system of origin is instantly translated into a proprietary data configuration that recreates the data simultaneously into multiple formats. This translation and reconstitution happens within the secure data stream. The advanced integrated process/platform approach allows UpNet to deliver unprecedented speed and more accurate insight of information to technology leaders who need data from disparate systems to co-exist in real time.

On-Boarding Process (Data Read)

Like other systems, iEDeX™ needs to understand what data will be exchanged, the format in which it will be sent, and when it will be sent. The collection of this data is done through a quick launch process facilitated by the iEDeX™ platform "reading" the relevant functionality of your existing system. Leveraging iEDeX™, this process can be accomplished in a fraction of the time required for traditional methodology.

During the on-boarding process, the security and communication configurations are identified and programmed into the system profile. The business rules and processes for the initial collaboration of data are identified during implementation.

Event-Based Data

iEDeX™ is event-based data exchange. An event can be any trigger such as introduction of new data or periodic occurance that causes the system to behave in a certain fashion. The introduction of new accounts, a new order, receipt of new information a trigger commerce activities. Periodic events such as the absence of something happening at a specific time can be a trigger;  purchase order or advance shipping notice not received, a task not acknowledged on one CRM, or messages in a management workflow on a legacy system are time-based events.

By building the collaboration of data on the foundation of events, rather than business processes, iEDeX™ can support changes to both business processes and the desired outcome in a non-invasive method. This dynamic approach provides unprecedented flexibility to enable B2B collaboration.


iEDeX™ connects data in a true many-to-many platform. There are no one-to-one unique maps translating data between each  system, through the universal language a trading partner's system only requires a single connection to the iEDeX™ platform gaining access to the UpNet trading partner network. Once connected to the network, the trading partner's system has the ability to have real-time data collaboration with any other partner(s) on the network.

A true many-to-many system, like iEDeX™, eliminates significant time and cost in the translation and communication process, while also removing many of the variables that can cause problems and delays in the integration and collaboration of systems.


iEDeX™ will exchange data with any system, utilizing any desired communication and security protocol, in the structure and format most common to the trading partner's system; meeting any standard, regulation, or requirement. As a completely non-invasive technology, iEDeX™ does not need to enter your systems, touch your systems, nor change your system in any way. It meets you where you are.

iEDeX™ removes political and process barriers to accomplishing data collaboration goals. Requiring no programming within the existing systems, iEDeX™ dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with collaborating data. The non-invasive aspect of the iEDeX™ technology creates opportunities where before there were obstacles.

Universal Language

Breaking the data into its elements, iEDeX™ can match the data to its unique data dictionary and create a universal language instead of simply moving documents between systems. This universal language is then leveraged in the transformation process by connecting the received data with the appropriate system profile. The system profile is the aggregation of relevant and corresponding business rules, security requirements, system configuration, and collaboration protocols that were developed during the on-boarding process.

The universal language also enables iEDeX™ to connect any system or set of systems without invasive programming, or opening the firewalls. iEDeX™'s universal language allows the communication and translation process to happen instantaneously, while ensuring security and data integrity.


  • Real-time Monitoring: Every unique data exchange on the iEDeX™ platform is date stamped with contextual information that allows real-time monitoring. This real-time monitoring is used by UpNet's account managers to ensure the quality and integrity of data communications and translation. It may also be used by you to provide a platform for monitoring specific aspects of your data collaborations.
  • Parallel Deployment: The many-to-many aspect of the iEDeX™ technology allows data to simultaneously be transferred and transformed in real-time by multiple systems. This unique capacity allows for parallel deployments of systems to support testing and time-sensitive migrations.
  • Real-time Exchange: With a near real-time exchange of data, the iEDeX™ platform provides the ability to create a seamless user experience between multiple systems. The instantaneous exchange and transformation of data from multiple sources instantly creates new knowledge for the receiving system.
  • Standard Compliance: While transferring of the data between systems, iEDeX™ can conform to a series of multiple compliance protocols. These protocols could be industry specific data standards, regulatory requirements, or user driven workflow logic. From HIPPA to PCI, for iEDeX™ a specific data compliance requirement is a set of business rules associated with your data.
  • Online Visibility: Every data translation is simultaneous translated into XML and available for visibility online through Status411. This universal access to your data provides a unique opportunity to further utilize the data cleansed and processed by iEDeX™.


iEDeX™ technology provides a unique set of capabilities that bring increased value and functionality:

  • Fast to Deploy: System can be connected in hours rather than months.
  • Fast to Connect: Translation and communication happens in near-real time, ensuring data security and integrity. Never batched, the near real-time communication of data meets today's business requirements and provides a unique platform for meeting challenging business needs.
  • Non-Invasive: iEDeX™ does not require your system to do anything different. It accepts data in the default export structure and format.
  • Universal Translation: Translates between any operating system, ERP, program or application across multiple hardware platforms and geographical locations.
  • Completely Compliant: iEDeX™ can support data communication and translation to meet any required standards or regulation. From HIPPA to PCI, for iEDeX™ a specific data compliance requirement is a set of business rules.
  • Scalable: As more activity happens, more events occur, more data is generated, requiring more resources for collaboration, iEDeX™ scales with no additional programming time or staff energy to meet your growing business needs.
  • Transparent: All aspects of the translation and communication are completely transparent and can support secondary application development.
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