Creating a World of Connections

As an experienced Innovator in providing next generation technology, UpNet leads the way in the convergence of integration and transformation solutions.

Benefits of registering your business with SmartComp

  • Promotes small and diverse businesses
  • Increases visibility to potential customers
  • Shares diversity certification, NAICS, and products/services
  • Easy access to update your profile

Technology Solutions

At the heart of our solutions is iEDeX™, an innovative technology developed to facilitate data integration and data transformation. In addition to business process integration, iEDeX™ provides a real-time universal platform for B2B collaboration of event-based data. This true many-to-many network service securely transfers data in near real-time. Utilizing an integrated process and platform, iEDeX™ first deconstructs the data into its most basic form, translates it into a universal language, and finally connects the data to any receiving system. This flexibility allows iEDeX™ to move at the speed of your business.

Compliance Solutions

SmartCOMP™ is the next generation tracking solution for all businesses utilizing the collection and integration of data to transparently connect stakeholders, vendors and their community in a social marketplace. An innovative and dynamic solution comprised of customizable management tools designed to help your business manage multiple projects, contract compliance, work resources and generate reports faster, easier and in real-time.

The World is Our Marketplace

iEDeX™, our an event-based platform, provides flexible B2B solutions for managing business interactions. This fast to deploy transformation platform connects, collaborates, and provides control of the information flow ensuring that you will meet your business objectives and business partner's expectations.

Collaborative Trading Partner Network

  • bestbuy
  • ampi
  • cadberry
  • coke
  • fritos
  • macys
  • pennzoil
  • sony
  • sysco