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Ensure contract compliance, measure performance, track work resources, and generate real-time analytical and actionable reports with the SmartCOMP™ application suite

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Job Estimates
Data Analytics
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Track Data.   See Data.   Report Data.   Analyze Data.   Take Actions.

SmartCOMP™ is a next-generation, integrated solution offering a complete suite of business management tools. Manage projects and work resources, verify contract compliance, and generate reports faster, easier, and in real-time.

The customizable design of SmartCOMP™ adapts to your unique project administration and compliance needs now, while the extendable archetecture scales efficiently to meet your growing business needs of the future.

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SmartCOMP™ Application Suite

Project Management

  • Project Administration
  • Job Estimates
  • Contractor Schedules and Availability
  • Contractor Assignment
  • Change Order Management
  • Automated Contract Compliance Audits
  • Audit Alerts
  • Estimated vs. Actual Comparison Modules
  • Diversity Goal Analytics
  • Job Site Image Uploads

Workforce Management

  • Certified Payroll
  • State/Federal Wage Compliance
  • Employee Data Management and Reporting
  • Work Hour Tracking
  • Prevailing Wages and Wage Decisions Validation
  • Workforce Compliance Goal Setting and Reporting
  • Affirmative Action Plan Management
  • Deliver State/Federal Reporting Requirements

Vendor/Supplier Relations

  • Vendor Online Registration
  • Self-Managed Profile Access
  • Performance Tracking
  • Contract Awards/Assignments
  • Contract Close-outs with Verification Letter
  • Performance Ratings
  • TGB Compliance Goal Settings and Reporting
  • Payment Verification


  • Online Certification Application
  • Customize the Application with Configurable Questions and Document Uploading
  • Application Tracking and Status Alerts
  • Automated Certificate Generation
  • Publish Certification to Online Directory

Communication Tools

  • Event Management
  • Attendee Registration & Payment Processing
  • Reminder Alerts
  • Internal system messaging
  • Text Messaging
  • Content creation tools

The SmartCOMP™ Edge

SmartCOMP™ utilizes the collection and integration of data to transparently connect stakeholders, vendors and their community in a social marketplace. Leveraging the iEDeX™ integration platform, (an UpNet-developed SaaS (Software as a Service) based data integration and transformation platform with the ability to integrate any type of data regardless the origination of the data), SmartCOMP™ provides a web-based (SaaS) system with the capability to capture data via various input mechanisms, correlate data for variety of purposes, build a data repository with the ability to retain multiple data relationships, and serves up the data analytics for auditing and analysis.

SmartCOMP™ combines customizable data collection, data analytic and processing solutions with powerful reporting features. This gives our clients immediate access to quality information which provides a myriad of benefits, including increased efficiency, data security, and the ability to make data-driven decisions based on analysis.

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Data Collection

With multiple avenues for data submission, from online entry to file upload to seamless integration with third-party services, such as leading payroll companies, SmartCOMP™ makes the data collection process simple and convenient. SmartCOMP™ also includes capabilities for vendors , suppliers and subcontractors to upload their own data, streamlining processes such as workforce and certified payroll, and also allowing for effective data cleansing for the company profile data.

Data Analytic and Processing

Data is organized, parsed and housed in a database at the basic unit of the information . Depend on the business requirements and rules, the data then can be aggregated, calculated, and processed. The relationship among the data is defined by business rules and also stored in a database. This type of architecture affords the flexibility for each business and project to have the unique requirements and rules on how its business/ project could be structured and managed.


SmartComp’s almost infinite reporting capabilities with the real time availability makes reviewing and analyzing your organization’s data simple and straightforward. Electronically-stored data removes the need for mountains of paperwork and makes the data directly accessible. This also makes the auditing process as painless as possible, since an auditor can access all necessary data immediately.

Some of the many reports SmartComp offers are:

Supplier Diversity reports: SmartComp makes tracking diversity spend data, supplier’s diversity certifications, and the economic impact of diversity spend easy, freeing resources that can be redirected toward analyzing the effectiveness of your company’s supplier diversity program. The TGB Report tracks diversity spend data in its most uncomplicated form and can even be sorted by business type and WMBE category.

Construction Compliance reports: The WMBE Summary tracks targeted business participation data, as well as the commitment and contract amounts. The Workforce Report tracks workforce data which SmartComp automatically verifies against the appropriate Davis-Bacon or prevailing wage laws, and it sortable by actual hours and by zip code. The Certified Payroll Report is a standardized report makes it easy to submit certified payroll data to any agency that requires it.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The software is easy to navigate
Reports are always available
Dashboards provides excellent high-level views
UpNet’s technical team is responsive and easy to communicate with
We've worked side-by-side with UpNet to customize SmartCOMP and build the reports important to us

SmartCOMP™'s customized search and reporting tools are favorite features of our clients. While our competitors provide limited reports on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, generating real-time reports on SmartCOMP™ is always just a click away, allowing our clients to track and manage their business and supply chain needs with confidence.

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