iEDeX™ for Manufacturer

Companies are no longer the masters of their own destiny. They're dependent on suppliers, service providers, customers, and many other external parties to succeed. UpNet’s iEDeX™ platform as a service (PaaS) leverages a suite of business applications to enable process management and collaboration. The suite provides automation to your business, creating increased efficiency and effectiveness through control and compliance.

Distributed Order Managment (DOM)

UpNet's Distributed Order Management (DOM) system is an on-demand SaaS application designed to enable vendors/manufacturers to perform order-to-invoice functions in an e-commerce environment, without having to invest up-front resources and time for system development and implementation. Our capabilities are delivered directly into your ERP, PIM, or through any internet browser enabling a single record of truth between your internal systems and your customer's systems. Eliminating errors from your transactions, you can dramatically improve the quality of data used by downstream business processes such as invoicing, logistics, and procurement. With greater visibility and real-time management of orders, you can achieve the perfect order; right price, right quantity, right time.

Orders are received electronically, translated, and posted into DOM's database.  The recipients can login to the DOM system to review, accept/reject, and allocate (commit) the orders. Once the orders are allocated, the system will prepare the paperwork necessary to ship the orders: pick list, packing slip, bill of lading, and barcode shipping labels. The user has the ability to send electronic advance shipment notifications (ASN) to the purchaser and electronically invoice the purchaser. In addition to using DOM to process their orders, the user may update their internal system with the order and invoice information. The system is capable of generating user defined interface files at the same time the data is updated in the DOM database.

Order Visibility

Orders are automatically processed and loaded onto the OM database as soon as they are received by the iEDeX™ platform, at which time email notifications can be triggered to alert appropriate parties of new pending orders. The recipients can log onto the OM system to review, accept/reject, and allocate (commit) the orders.

Order Management & Processing

The system will calculate the cases, pallets, and trucks needed for the shipment in conjunction with the product allocations you define.  OM will assist your shipping operations by preparing the paperwork needed for the shipment, making the shipping data available for sending ASN (Advance Shipment Notification) to the buyers, if requested.  When the users don't need the Order Management system to provide shipping assistance or an ASN, the system can be configured to go from receiving orders directly to invoicing.

Order Reconciliation & Invoicing

Financial settlement is facilitated through OM in addition to integration. The system automatically generates sequential invoice numbers, numbering can be customized to match your current invoicing scheme.


  • Product Table — The Product table contains product specifications such as; product description, GTIN, UPC, UCC, case, pallet, cube, weight, NMFC number and class, and cost.
  • Carrier Table — The carrier table stores the carrier name and SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) for use during the order management and processing phase.
  • Document Library — Aiding in the shipping operations phase, the document library automatically generates the required documentation in downloadable PDF format. The users can access the Pack Slip, Pick List, Bill Of Lading, and Barcode Shipping Labels.
  • Report Generator — The Order Management system provides the reporting function which enables the user to generate a selection of management and operation reports.
  • Search Function — OM's search function queries the database to facilitate record location based on one or more parameters.

UpNet's integrated Customer Compliance solution utilizing OM provides complete management transparency and accountability for customer activity and transactions. This workflow driven approach enables you to comply with the various requirements imposed by your customers, eliminating non-compliance penalties, reducing errors, increasing operational efficiency, and improving your speed to market.


  • Focus on business issues and problem solving, instead of order entry activities
  • Reduce rush orders and improve transportation efficiences
  • Streamline business and communication processes with your customers
  • Improve operational efficiency through error free orders
  • Increase customer satisfaction with enhanced order accuracy
  • Reduce carbon footprint to meet customer sustainability goals


  • Fully automates your order management process
  • Supports all order types including open POs and change orders
  • Unified visibility of customer orders
  • Continue to process orders without changing your current business practices
  • Automatically generate necessary shipping documents
  • Prepare, track and expedite back orders, case orders and new orders for shipping
  • Send advance shipping notices and invoices

Customer Purchasing Gateway (CPG)

UpNet's Customer Purchasing Gateway (CPG) is a cost effective, self-service application that allows sellers (suppliers/manufacturers) to provide a comprehensive order-taking e-Commerce solution to their buyers (distributors/resellers). B2B customers expect a self-service workspace that provides a convenient way to place new orders and view their order histories. As with B2C e-Commerce, this allows you to stay open for business around the clock and delivers a first-rate customer experience.

Delivered on-demand as a customized add-on to an ERP, PIM, or order processing solution, the Customer Purchasing Gateway's interactive workspace allows buyers to view personalized product catalog, select products, view shopping cart, place orders, view order status and history, and perform remittance and payment. This web portal is private, branded, and all inclusive for the buyer's order placing activities, facilitating the perfect order; right price, right quantity, right time.


  • Enhanced customer control over purchasing decisions
  • Improve operational efficiency through error free order submissions
  • Ensure ease of use for buyers
  • Eliminate manual bottlenecks
  • Increase accuracy of fulfillment
  • Empower trading partner collaboration


  • Consolidated location for order activities
  • Facilitates order taking and processing
  • Online product catalog
  • Buyer centric price and SKU listing
  • Shopping cart and checkout
  • Real-time visibility to product detail for buyers
  • Password protected access to interactive workspace

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P)

UpNet's comprehensive SaaS solution extends your ERP systems, connects all users through one flexible interface, and automates your entire Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) process. Within the same interface, you can quickly connect and collaborate with suppliers for all goods and services, and process every purchase from inception to completion. You will achieve greater compliance when you have more control and visibility. With greater efficiency than ever, you're able to buy the right goods and services from the right suppliers, all at the right time and price.

Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) solution sends purchase orders, receives order confirmations, collects ASNs, posts and reviews the receipt of goods and services, identifies and notifies exceptions, accepts and verifies invoices, and issues accurate and timely payments. P2P provides all the necessary tools and information end-users need to manage their day to day business activites. Status411's transaction lifecycle reports offer a complete view of every transaction and provide management the timely information they need.

UpNet's P2P solution is tailored to fit your current business practices and purchase-to-payment workflow. This customization by UpNet's professionals requires no additional software or staff investments. Our capabilities are delivered directly into your ERP, PIM or through any internet browser.


  • Drive compliance
  • Enhances trading partner collaboration
  • Expanded control and visibility
  • Works with current EDI processing
  • Ensures proper authorizations for purchase orders, invoices and vendors
  • Confirms that goods and services received match goods and services ordered
  • Avoids duplicate payments and ensures proper payment validation and authorization
  • Reduces follow-up phone calls and email requests
  • Enables an error-free P2P process


  • Sends purchase orders
  • Identifies inappropriate purchase authorization, over-limit or unauthorized requisitions
  • Receives order confirmations
  • Collects ASNs
  • Posts and reviews the receipt of goods and services
  • Identifies and notifies exceptions
  • Accepts and verifies invoices
  • Identifies inaccurate or un-issued credit memos
  • Issues accurate and timely payments
  • Status411 reports

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

UpNet's comprehensive Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution simplifies and streamlines supply chain operations, efficiently manages inventory, standardizes communication, and reduces supply chain costs by managing business interactions with all of your suppliers, contract manufacturers, and off-shore sourcing partners. UpNet's SRM standardizes the free flow of business information to enable effective communication between you and your suppliers—even if they use different business practices, terminology, and technology.

Our SRM solution incorporates best practice methodology and software to support the information flow component of supply chain management. The capabilities provide full visibility of inbound logistics including order management, vendor compliance, and order tracking status delivered directly into your ERP, PIM, or through any web browser.


  • Achieve visibility to goods in route
  • Improved business relationships and customer service
  • Reduced costs / Increased cash flow 
  • Higher accuracy of supplier fulfillment
  • Enhanced inventory management and accuracy
  • Increased productivity through shipment visibility
  • Better management of the receipt of goods
  • Reduce paper usage and cost of storage
  • Anywhere access to real-time visibility
  • Error-free communication


  • Automated Advance Shipment Notices (ASN)
  • Full inbound logistics visibility
  • Vendor compliance automation
  • Inventory management
  • Automated freight bill invoicing and payment
  • Real-time tracking
  • Event management
  • Business partner network

e-Invoicing and Payment

UpNet's e-Invoicing and payment solution processes invoices and makes electronic payments; ensuring the right information, at the right interval, with the right security. Through the combination of automation and simplified business processes you can replace inefficient manual approaches, ultimately eliminating data problems and increasing your accuracy.

Starting with the creation and submission of the invoice, the e-Invoicing solution enabled by the iEDeX™ platform introduces a secure channel for the flow of invoicing, payment, and remittance information. After the buyer accepts and approves the invoice, an EFT transfer is initiated allowing the financial settlement of the transaction. Supporting remittance advice is sent via fax, e-mail, or electronic methods.


  • Elimination of paper invoices and paper checks
  • Ensures fast, accurate, electronic payments
  • Minimizes potential exposure of financial information
  • Eliminates inaccuracies and payment discrepancies
  • Removes costs associated with manual invoicing process
  • Focus on the business, instead of problem resolution


  • Automates data entry for accounts receivables and payables
  • Integrates payments with your accounting system
  • Automated electronic invoicing
  • Electronic remittance advice
  • Secure communication channel

New Business Analytics Tool

By leveraging iEDeX™ innovative technology and unique features, UpNet has been able to customize a Business Analytics tool which harnesses data and delivers meaningful information. Business Analytics is a powerful addition to an overall Business Intelligence (BI) solution. Augmenting existing BI initiatives with expanded visibility to all parts of the supply chain, it will also provide a powerful solution for a company's first BI tool. Converting existing transactional data into valuable business information, management decisions will be informed by real-time information.

The Purpose of Data. The Creation of Information.

Organizations are swimming in data. Data about customers, suppliers, products, services, costs, prices. There is real-time data, episodic data, time sensitive data, and batch-based data feeds. There are data trends, analysis, and projections. In the end the data is not worth anything, until it is applied in a manner that supports the business goals.

Visibility to Data that Works

The data of an organization needs to work to support the business objectives. Data needs to be compiled and delivered in a manner that supports the time-sensitive decisions management needs to make about their business. The limits of programming weeks, project months, and software dollars should not be a barrier to getting data into the information to support critical decision making. Management's need for data that works is far too often met by excuses about the limitations and inflexibility of the current system deployments.

UpNet's Business Analytics tool is currently being used by customers to provide real time reporting on critical customer purchasing, store and product movement trends, and projections of future sales trends.


  • Makes it easy for users to freely explore business information by interactively drilling into and cross-tabulating data.
  • Provides speed-of-thought response times to complex analytical queries.
  • Present multi-dimensional data and allow users to select what data elements to explore.
  • Dashboard offers real-time view into data as it is processed.
  • IT spends less time responding to requests.
  • Business users spend less time looking for information.


  • Cube based data analysis
  • Mass customized reoccuring reports available
  • Dashboard provides real-time view as data is processed through iEDeX™ platform
  • Role based visibility
  • Merge external data with processed data for analytics
  • Export analytics to common file formats

Case Studies

One Source Logistics capitalizes on a market opportunity

Capitalizing on a market opportunity.

One Source Logistics was founded during the summer of 2003. Our vision for the Company is to help Small to Mid-size companies grow their business by leveraging best of practice logistics to create competitive advantages in the small business market. Through 41 years of experience in managing and optimizing logistics service for 100's of customers, One Source's management is well equipped to save their clients substantial time, provide significant cost benefits and offer competitive advantage over traditional methodologies deployed by other "logistics" firms. Our goal is simple - we will provide exceptional customer service and deliver outstanding results the first time and every time.


Foam Industries discovers Scan-Based Ordering

Simplified customer order process to deliver exceptional service.

Foam Industries has been creating quality products for over five years and established themselves as a premier foam, wood and plastic product supplier. In addition to offering a full line of products including Antistatic Foams, Corrugated Plastics, Certified HT Lumber, Corrugated Boxes and many more, Foam Industries also offers many capabilities to meet any company's custom needs including Lamination, Foam Die Cutting, Plastic Die Cutting, Engineering and Design, Plastic Sonic Welding and more.


PruGen, Inc. nurtures a wave of growth

Controlling a connectivity network to nurture a wave of growth.

PruGen, Inc. was founded with one vision in mind. That vision is to provide alternatives to higher priced branded products. With the cost of branded products soaring, PruGen, Inc. aims to provide low cost alternatives to brands that may not have generic alternatives.


Fox Packaging

Fox Packaging Fulfills Customers Compliance Requirements with UpNet.

Fox Packaging staffed an internal EDI team that struggled to effectively communicate purchase to payment information with over 40 customers. They even had to rely on the support of external consultants to keep up with programming and testing. Fox Packaging was no longer able to maintain relationships with customers including all the big box retailers. In addition, the internal team had a difficult time keeping up with the constantly changing rules and requirements of every customer. Multiple portals required unique programming. Different systems required Fox Packaging to set up parallel workflow systems. Soon, the costs rose sharply and compliance became a significant issue. They were close to losing one of their biggest customers.

That's when Fox Packaging chose to partner with UpNet Technologies. UpNet was able to quickly deploy solutions across the entire customer chain to immediately address customer concerns. By acting as an extension of the Fox Packaging EDI department, UpNet's solutions freed up the resources of the internal IT team to focus on mission critical functions while at the same time allow Fox Packaging to maintain a single business workflow and comply with every one of their customer's unique rules and requirements.

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